Comedy Night


Friday 8th May

Berkhamsted Civic Centre

Doors open 7pm

Ticket price £12.50

All proceeds going to






For tickets call Gill on 07889133018

Or email



7th March


Claudia`s website is now fully up and running, check it out with details of how to book a massage..






Karl`s 50th Birthday trip to Wales

The MTBberko crew had a fab time the report





5th Feb


Peaslake Trip....

Brennan, Chris H and John T have fun in the Surrey the great report..





25th Jan


A very big congratulations to the Dan & Claire on the arrival of  MTBberko`s latest junior member `Florence` doubt she will be ripping up the local trails very soon!!.....








23rd Oct


A very big congratulations to the Chris and Carolyn on the arrival of baby `Joshua` (8lb 13oz) as you can see below his big sister has it all in control.....






5th Oct


Dan loves to do a bit of  Lycra Loving

Read the great report and see the pics from his recent Majorca trip! 






17th Sept


A big well done to Chris the Doc on completing his epic trip across the Pyrenees, from Hendaye on the Atlantic to Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Med, a great achievement .....





Charlie & Janette had a great trip from Dieppe to Paris

Read the great report and see the pics





We have a new photos of the week

Check out what Tom, John T and Tim have been up to!



14th July


Italian trip with Rivierabike

What a great week away.. read the fantastic report from Tony and see the video





The MTBberko crew of Loz, Simon, James and Alastair had a great time in Morzine

Click here to see the photos





23rd June


Check out the great new website from junior member Ants, if you`re into skateboarding its the place to get your on the image below 




A reminder below that there will be a gathering at the monument at around midday on the 12th July for MTBberko and the kids....





We have a new injury

Claire from Leisure Wheels is our guest this week !!!






17th June


We have had a couple of new injuries

Simon & Martin have both needed stitches!!!



We have a new photo of the week

Check out the pint of "Reach Round"





Singlespeeding in Swanage

Read Rich4th great report and see the video of the great weekend that was had..





We have had a couple of new injuries

Debs and Neil had a bump resulting in a couple of nasty grazes





29th May


The Lovelo Warrells Trip to Fort William

Al has been offered a place in the GB Squad !!!





We have a new photo of the week

Zora had a lovely day at the Chelsea flower show



13th April



Check out the great video below from Rich3rd , it`s from the recent Peaks Trip..




31st March

MTBberkhamsted has a trip to the peaks

Read Rich4ths great report & see the  video






The MTBberkhamsted WAGs visit Bikepark Wales

Read Claudia`s brill report and see the pics






22nd March


Check out the great video from Darren from the last Wednesday night ride...




We have three really great photos of the week 

One from Rich 4th of Karl celebrating St Davids Day and the other two from Ann & Jeremy from a recent trip to Sri Lanka





5th March


The MTBberkhamsted website is 5 years old this month, thanks to Tring Brewery for there continued support you can see below the Hollywood stars were not doing a big selfie at the Oscars they were in fact looking at our website and came across a pic from the Xmas dinner!!!!!








23rd Feb


Spring is hopefully just around the corner.....







28th Jan


MTBberkhamsted braved the weather at Bike Park Wales






We have a new Injury

Dom took a tumble on the Bike Park Wales trip





20th Jan


Rogues Racing....


Another brilliant idea we kept producing from the think tank at HQ was to go Karting and see who had what it takes to be mental on 4 wheels as well as 2. With Go Karts of some 200cc a top speed of 40 odd mph and 21 crazed lunatics sitting in them it was going to be fun on the indoor track at Rogue Racing in Aylesbury, with some pre-match banter and careful eyeing up the opposition who were looking very svelte in their racing overalls the tension in the air was ever present.... Or was that just the petrol fumes?

The decision was made to do an endurance race with 7 teams of 3 losers picked at random for 90 minutes of sweat , tears and sore arms, bums, ribs and egos with the ultimate prize of medals and bragging rights down the pub for the winners and a very classy T-shirt for the crapest member of the group. 

After a safety talk and helmet picking and a last minute wee stop the practice session got under way and the starting grid lined up ready for blast off. The idea was to do 15 minute stints by which time your forearms were the size of your thighs and the mix of petrol fumes and G forces were making you feel like you'd been sniffing poppers on the roundabout in the park.

The non contact nature of Karting was stretched a bit by certain drivers and the black flag was shown to those who were spotted by the marshals with Karlos winning the booby prize for the most sin bins. There were some great tussles , some bloody awful driving, 1 blown clutch and some sublime manoeuvres with a bit of cheating thrown in for good measure. 



The Results were..


Fastest Lap -- Karlos

Top of the Podium -- JT, Tony & Bren

Fastest Losers -- Pierre, Alistair & Chris H

Second Fastest Losers --  Karlos , Tim & R4th

Most black flags -- Karlos

T-shirt winner for being rubbish at Karting -- Godders.


The journey back from Aylesbury was a further assault on the senses thanks to JT and his Green striped Lotus making the hair (whats left of it) on my head and  neck stand on end with some real exhaust notes....

So to the Riser to keep the giddy sensation going and fuelling up on beer instead of hydrocarbons we once again upset all the locals by having the noisiest group, with stories of karting duels and a bit of finger pointing going on and Tim having to have a pre drink lie down. Before making our way to the Taj Mahal (not the one in India) for some lovely food.

All in all a great day out and a belated birthday gig , thank you to everyone who attended and made it a fun day out.  We must go again soon.




11th Jan



Christmas ride and awards report

See who won what at the annual gathering in Aldbury







MTBberkhamsted World Tour

Check out where we have been in the world



We have a new Injury

Jeremy had a little tumble on the High Street



5th Dec



We have two really great photos of the week 

One from Rich 5th getting arrested!! and the other from Andy N racing!!



Tony H tours had a fantastic trip on the Boris Bikes 

Read the great account of the tour around London






Brennan reviews the epic Forest of Dean
He had a great day ``ripping up the trails`` of the famous FOD , read the brill report





We have a new Injury

Jeremy had a little tumble on the High Street




19th Nov


What`s MTBberkhamsted all about........






See Junior member Benji tackling the Northchurch Dips..give him a few months and the Strava record will be broken....







We have a new photo of the week!!!

Jeff has only got himself a new bike again!!!!!





8th Nov


Chris the Doc visits Everest Base Camp

A great adventure was had by MTBberko`s very own intrepid explorer, read the fab report and see the pics and fantastic video.









26th Oct


Lloydy & Scouse Steve did the 10 peaks Brecon Beacon challenge

Read the report of the hard day that was had!!







A reminder below of the great deals that our friends from Leisure Wheels are offering MTBberkhamsted members......







22nd Oct


A fantastic weekend was had at the Bike Park Wales

Read Karl`s great report and see Rich 3rd and Rich 6th brill videos






A very big congratulations to the Tim and Nicky on the arrival `Alex Michael Newman` (8lb 13oz) as you can see he is our latest junior member!...






We have some new injuries!!!

Jeremy and Tony have got some carpet burns!!!





8th Oct


A very Happy Birthday to Chris (Doc) , a great Birthday ride was had last Sunday, where we all ended up having more than our recommended 4 units per day!!....






MTBberkhamsted had a great Spanish adventure

Read the great report from Ann and see the photos






We have a new photo of the week!!!

Andy has yet again joined another club!!





1st Oct


Aston Hill Enduro Update ..........



Oi, ref!
It's not dignified but there was something fishy about the results to the enduro the other week and Chris and I appealed on our timings. And the organisers admitted they'd got it a bit wrong.
And the good news is we've all been bumped up the rankings! See here for the full results but racing snake Andy got 16th overall and second in Vets, I'm now 22nd overall and seventh in Masters and Chris got 37th and 13th in Masters. This out of 91 finishers, 18 DNFing. A good result for MTB Berko then - next time we need to do it en masse.
Seriously, it's not that scary. If you can pedal up a hill and get down it mostly on your bike (I had a couple of slithers) it's well within the capabilities of everyone. So let's get to it!








We have a new photo of the week!!!

John is proudly wearing his MTBberko top






15th Sept


Read Dan`s great report on how the three musketeers got on






We have a new photo of the week!!!

Godfrey had a great weekend when he meet up with some old pals!!!!!





10th Sept.. 


A big congratulations to MTBbekhamsteds Iron man ``Tony the Speedo`` for completing his first Triathlon in a fantastic time of 1 hour 32 mins last weekend..(you looking at my bike!!)






We have a new photo of the week!!!

Rich 4th has found a cycle shop that will suit a lot of MTBberko members




A great video below from Rich 3rd from when he did the `Ride London Surrey 100` he did it with a friend who did it on a BMX!!!!!!.... 





6th Aug..


MTBberkhamsted Alps Trip 2013

A great time was had, read Rich 4ths brill report and view the video..








4th Aug..


The MTBberko crew do Morzine

Read Simon B great report about the recent trip to the Alps






Five WAGs do Woods

The girls had a great ride to Nettlebed, read the fab report from Deborah





We have a new injury for you!!!!!!!

The latest victim is Andy 



18th July.. 



A great weekend was had in Afan

Read the brill report from Rich 4th and see the great video from Rich 3rd .





A Huge congratulations from us all to Nick and Julie on the birth of  `Robert Alistair Morgan` .. born on the 4th July...8lb 6oz









8th July..


Tony does the London 2 Paris bike ride ...on a singlespeed!!

He had a great time..see the pics and read the report





We have a new injury!!!!!!!

Jeremy & Ann should know better by now!!!




22nd June.


Claudia does the London to Brighton

Read the great account from the day





Ann and Jeremy go riding in the Long Mynd

A nice trip away was had in the hills of Shropshire





 17th June..


Brennan and Steph visit the UCI World Cup in Scotland

See the pics and read the great report form across the border






We have a new injury

Tom comes a cropper on the streets of London



3rd June..


A big well done to John T who completed the Norwich 100 (miles) at the weekend, his average speed was a fantastic 17 mph, with a moving time of 5hr 52 you can see below he seems happy sporting his MTBberko colours at the finish ...







16th May...


The WAGs did really well on the `Bucks Off Road Sportive`

Read Deb`s great report and see the pics from the day





Andy goes to the Gran Canaries

MTBberkhamsted`s ironman has a fun time in the sun - read the report and see the pics







7th May...


MTBberkhamsted goes to Dorset for the SSUK 2013

The hills were long and the beers were flowing at the `Singlespeed event of the Year` - Report and video








26th April...


A Huge congratulations from us all to Dave and Emma on the birth of  `Bethany Rose` .. born at 1:32 am on Thursday 25th April...9lb 3oz (is that more than Jeff`s bike??)






A big thank you to Lovelo Cycle Works for the gathering last night at there bike shop, everyone enjoyed the chat a chance to look around...all the very best in the future.






Owen`s Update from Devon

Owen  has been busy since he went away, read the report and see the video and pics






We have a winner in our Latest competition !!!!

See who one a pair of Kids Freerider 3/4 baggy shorts kindly donated by The Little Bike Company





Our very own Tony has entered the `London to Paris`bike ride next year in aid of the St Francis Hospice Berkhamsted .....It`s a 500k ride so we wish him all the best.

If you would like to sponsor Tony please click here  thanks








14th April...


A big well done to Geni, Sharon , Tom & Jeff for completing the Pedal for Peace Hospice ride today......




MTBberko visits the Bespoked Handmade Bike show in Bristol

Rich 4th, Zora, Bren & Steph had a great day out, read the report and see the pics 






11th April...


We have a great new competition from The Little Bike Company

Enter for a chance to win a pair of Kids Freerider 3/4 baggy shorts 





New photo of the week

See who has found a more adventurous mode of transport!!



Injuries page update

Swinley has claimed our latest victim




5th April...


Buy a MTBberkhamsted T shirt
Dave has updated the shop with a great `Singlespeed` t shirt....





See below for a great local event on Sunday 5th May.....





1st April..


Is Swinley finished...MTBberkhamsted finds out!

See the pics and read Dan`s great report






Claudia is going to do the London to Brighton

``Bracing the wonderful life of post-op recovery and all the fun that comes with it (or not), I have decided to put my energy to some use and support the British Heart Foundation by doing the London to Brighton bike ride on 16th June 2013, a 54 mile road ride with 27,000 boys and girls in tight Lycra causing carnage (I hope not)...``

I you would like to support Claudia & donate to this great charity please click here to find out more






We have a new photo of the week

See who likes to put on a ``onesie`` when in the kitchen



23rd March..


A great new bike shop in Berkhamsted called `Lovelo Cycle Works` is opening this Monday for sevicing and repairs...with the showroom with a full stock of Bikes and accessories opening just in time for a sunny Easter weekend.

We have had a look round and the place is going to be a real asset to us all, in the future there will be a bike wash and a chill out zone where you will be able to grab some tea and cake !

Click on the logo below to find out more.....






Neil with some work mates took part in a `Comic Relief Challenge` they had 30mins on a spinning bike to see how far they could go...the team of 6 managed 24.6km which is a great effort for a great charity...``Neil you can take your red nose off now mate``




10th March...



The Wags and the Juniors took part in the fun run last week

Read Junior member Danny`s report and see the pics






Check out the great video from Pierre`s son was from a recent Chicksands trip...  






There`s a new photo of the week!!!

See Jeff and Sharon proudly wearing there MTBberko tops on the slopes 




25th Feb...


MTBberkhamsted go on there first trip of the year to Afan

Read the great report from Rich 4th and the the pics and Video





3rd Feb...


A huge congratulations to Rich 6th and family on the birth of Max Steven Waddingham...the latest addition to the MTBberkhamsted family....





MTBberkhamsted members are being offered a great 10% off any duration holiday staying at the Allez Pyrenees, click on the link below to find out more...





21st Jan... 


We all had a great day on Brennan`s birthday ride!!!!

Read the great report from Rich4th and see the fantastic video from Rich3rd 






Yet again Tom`s struggling to break in his new On One and he is getting thrown off all over the place.....Click here to see that the Bucking Bronco challenge he did in Brighton a couple of years back was also a challenge!!






We have a new photo of the week!!!!!

Poor girl!!



15th Jan...


Check out the great new kids bike shop in Berkhamsted called `The Little Bike Company`...they specialise in making sure kids have a good quality lightweight bike, they also sell scooters and clothing & all MTBberko members will get a 10% discount on all the products they sell!

Click on the link below to find out more......






12th Jan...


MTBberkhamsted has fun on the new `Surface to Air trial` at the fantastic Aston Hill bike park....





5th Jan...


A huge congratulations to Tony & Rachael on the arrival of their new baby boy called Hugo Rufus doubt Tony will soon be showing Hugo how to ride from one end of the country to the other!!






The Voodoo is back!!!.......






30th Dec..



Karl was going so fast that he didn`t see the tree in front of him!!.....






Brennan is caught trying out his new Xmas present 

Click to see the photo of the week




10th Dec...


MTBberkhamsteds Xmas ride and awards report

A great day was had at the gathering of the the report and see the photos!!








A huge congratulations to Claire & Dan on the arrival of their new baby boy called Oswald Stanley be known as `Ossie`

Give him a couple of years and no doubt he will be KOM on Strava!!!








20th Nov...


Livin` it up in California Tavern

Read Tony H great report on his 330 mile bike ride across Britain...having a couple of beers on the way!!







3rd Nov....


A very short vid to let you know its still wet out there!!!





3rd Nov....


Dan and Chris check out the new `Surface to Air` run at Aston Hill

Read the great report from the new downhill run






3rd Nov.... 


A very good luck to all who are taking part in the great Movember this year, a little reminder below of what we looked like last year !!!






30th Oct....


MTBberkhamsted took part in the Snowdonia Marathon with Scouse Steve recording a fantastic time (see below)..... 









30th Oct....


MTBberkhamsted goes to Fuerteventura

Jeremy and Ann soak up some sun and have a good ride or two!






30th Oct....


Our very own Tony has entered the `London to Paris`bike ride next year in aid of the St Francis Hospice Berkhamsted .....It`s a 500k ride so we wish him all the best.

If you would like to sponsor Tony please click here  thanks





22nd Oct....


MTBberkhamsted visits Afan

Tony has done another great report from a fun filled weekend!!!






18th Oct...


Six WAGs a White Van and a Wardrobe!!

Read Debs great report of when our lovely WAGs went to Chinnor!






18th Oct....      


Claudia does the Palace to Palace bike ride 2012

After missing out last year she had a great ride in aid of the Princes he great account of the day








18th Oct....


Dave has a great time in Rhodes and does MTBberko proud

Read the great report ,  it was hot and dry but that didn`t stop Dave beating the French!!!









2nd Oct..


Tim does the cycle stage of the London Triathlon

It was a great team effort - read the report and see the pics






Jeremy and Ann had a great day at the NEC Bike Show...they even found one of our tops on display....looks like Jeremy has found a new friend!!









18th Sept..


A hard ride was had on the Montane Kielder 100 race

Read  Rich 4th great report and see the photos





We all had a great evening at our sponsors Tring Brewery last week, thanks again for all there continued support....









We have a new photo`s of the week

click to see a a dog from the Riser on holiday !!!!!




10th Sept..


Chris had a great day at the recent Aston Hill DH race...he came a fantastic joint 28th in the Masters, see the photo and video of Chris below...









6th Sept..


Owen does his bit to promote our sponsors at the Paralympics....






6th Sept..


MTBberkhamsted goes to Turkey for a ride

Read Steve`s great report  on the thrills of  Quad biking





26th August..


A huge congratulations to Steve & Mari on the arrival of their new baby boy called Jac you can see he is already an active Junior member of MTBberkhamsted!!








13th August..


MTBberkhamsted test there new Go Pro Helmet cam attachment !!!...








9th August..


MTBberkhamsted visits the Forest of Dean

Read Niel`s great report and see Jeremey`s fantastic video from the weekend away





16th July.. 


Le Tour De Ridgeway

Tony has once again done a cracking report.. it was a ``muddy`` Ridgeway ride !






12th July..


John T goes to Fort William to see the World Cup Downhill

Read his great report and see the pics from over the border!!!







6th July..


To read the Alps report ,see the Video and photos - click here

Read Rich 4ths great report from MTBberkhamsted`s trip to the Alps, a fantastic time was had by all!!





6th July.. 


A bumper injuries page update

After a hectic trip the the Alps we have been busy hurting ourselves !!!!!!!






5th July..


A really big congratulations to Owen and Becky on the arrival of there new baby boy called you can see he will no doubt be an active member of MTBberko in the years to come!!.....







 MTBberkhamsted members were live on BBC 1 at the Riser




MTBberkhamsted take on the Jedi

Read Tony`s great report from there day at the UKBIKE SKILLS course






Pedal of Honour 2012 bike ride

See the video and photos and read the great report from Rich 4th









11 go Mad in Afan

Read the great report from Rich 4th and see the Video and pics





 Tim does well in a Triathlon

Read his great report and see the pics from the day




Check out our new MTBberkhamsted Strava Club page

See what recent rides we have done




MTBberkhamsted visits Ashton Court

Read the great report from Dan on the visit to Ashton Court near Bristol





MTBberkhamsted had a great trip to the Peaks

Read the great report from Tony and see the video and pics






QX Duathlon at Wasing Park report and photos        

MTBberkhamsted did well with us all finishing in the top the great report from Dave







MTBberkhamsted visits Peaslake

It was a brilliant day on the trails the great report from Rich 4th with photos from him & Dan



UCI Track Cycling World Cup report and photos

A great evening was had at the Olympic Veledrome the report from Danny






MTB Berko in print!


Sponsorship is a two-way street so when I sold What Mountain Bike a story about what cars for mountain bikers I shamelessly rinsed every opportunity to make good on the various blags I've enjoyed of late. Cut price Orangebikes? Get both of them in the pics as much as possible. Orange VW Caddy van loaned to me for six months? Ditto.

These are by the by though because this was a prime opportunity to get MTBBerkhamsted into the pages of a national mountain bike magazine. Job. Done. As you'll see I managed to get my MTB Berko shirt in full view complete with all the sponsorship info and the web address for our site easy to see and read. I'm so pro, etc...
What Mountain Bike is now on sale …so if you want to enjoy our moment of glory in print you can go out and buy it now!









Charities MTBberkhamsted members have raised money for.....      









Next organised ride / event..........                                



Wednesday evenings at Lovelo cycle shop at 19:30


Please e mail if interested...


Helmets must be worn....Please click on the link below to read our full Disclaimer.(MTBberkhamsted can not be held responsable for any injuries or damage ect whilst on the ride)




About us...                                             


We have been mountain biking for over 18 years in the lovely countryside around Berkhamsted 

If you would like to join us we meet at the front of  Berkhamsted  Railway Station at 7.30pm Wednesdays followed by a couple of beers ....

 Please either e-mail   first to let us know you are coming as heavy nights before & other plans may result in a bad turnout!! 


**Like many MTB groups we are not members of any organisation or federation and as such we have NO PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE for any injuries, loss or damage caused, you are responsible for yourself.... we are just a group of friends who enjoy mountain biking**  Full Disclaimer